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Cat escapology

In honour of the fact that we started today with two escaping cats going for a merry prance around the scaffolding that is currently up around our building, here's a few of my favourite photos of Rocky (Rodney) and Murphy


Lassco Salvage

A while ago i read about Lassco on another blog. I'd never even heard of this treasure trove, despite the fact it is right next door to somewhere i worked for years!

It's right by Vauxhall Station, in an old mansion nestled in between the MI6 building and Vauxhall Bridge. It's packed from attic to basement with architectural salvage and antiques. There are many beautiful things - i fell in love with a copper roll top bath, and some huge dusty military flags - but most of it was well out of my meagre price range, particularly as i don't actually own my bathroom!

However there are also little bits and bobs like tin letters and interesting doorknobs that are more affordable, and, most importantly, a lovely big cafe where you can sit on church pews and enjoy a scone and a coffee!


Lazy sunday

Apparently it's going to be 31degrees today, AMAZING! The boyfriend and I are headed to the park to lie in the sun and plan our next holiday (probably morocco, definitely somewhere even hotter than this.)

A couple of weekends ago we were similarly lucky with the weather as it was my school friend Elaine's hen party. It was a gorgeous, civilised, quintessentially English day in Victoria park, full of pimms and games, followed by afternoon tea at the bride to be's house. It was a day of pimms, cake, laughter and silliness, and I only hope that one day when I have a hen party someone organises me one as nice.

I had a revelation in the bath today - i'm going to be 26 in just a few months. Now that, to me, seems pretty grown up. I insisted to the boyfriend that i wasn't ready to be 26, for the reasons that i prefer malibu to gin, wear cosy socks in bed and currently have my toenails painted orange. However i have also realised that at some point in the past year i have decided i quite like Pimms. Perhaps i am growing up after all?


Two of my boys

Shot on my canon ae-1. I ran the roll through once with a star bokeh filter, and the rewound and shot it again, hence the starry forehead!